Seeing Stroke Risks

VerAvanti is using advanced science and patented technology to create solutions that may one day help physicians find answers to strokes and heart attacks that often strike without warning. Illuminating risks, starts with seeing what is currently hidden.

The advanced, laser-based medical camera leverages the promise of the patented Scanning Fiber Endoscope (SFE) to provide physicians with a real-time, high-resolution, surgical view into the hidden intra-vascular anatomy. The ability to visually identify potential risks for stroke and cardiovascular events could lead to more proactive interventions and treatment opportunities.

Founded and run by highly experienced MedTech executives, the VerAvanti team is leveraging past know-how gained from nurturing Verathon Inc., from startup to global, multi-national status. The first step is to address market gaps in managing stroke and cardiovascular events by commercializing the Scanning Fiber Endoscope (SFE) technology.