To create an imaging device with micro-small components that can enter vessels and provide high-definition, real-time views of obscured lesions and at-risk plaques, requires closing manufacturing gaps by scaling up semi-conductor level manufacturing with highly precise robotics.

VerAvanti is an R&D intensive company developing unique components, software, electronics and robotic manufacturing processes. Engineering endoscopes with micro small probes ranging in size from 1.6mm: 4.8 Fr. To 0.95 mm.: 2.85 Fr., demands unique, highly-precise, manufacturing techniques.

Because the clinical dimensions of the device are too small for conventional manufacturing and larger than most semiconductor techniques, there is a “manufacturing gap” in the current market. To address this VerAvanti has establishedin-house MEMS (Micro-ElectroMechanical Systems) manufacturing and ISO-Class 8 Cleanroom using robotic work-cells. This enables precision-level quality and de-risks the product by minimizing direct human labor and standardizing assembly.