We Target the Treatment Gaps

Despite extensive clinical investigation, 200,000 or one-third of ischemic strokes in the US are unclear in origin. The ability to see and obtain high definition images of obscured defects and imperfections of the endothelium, or cells lining the vessels, could help identify the source of these strokes and cardiovascular events. This knowledge will be vital to proactively planning patient therapies to reduce recurrence and other adverse events.


Illuminating Risks

The Scanning Fiber Endoscope (SFE), protected by 26 patents and licensed by VerAvanti, was invented and developed by a team of University of Washington researchers led by mechanical engineering research professor Eric Seibel, Ph.D. VerAvanti is commercializing this technology with solutions that may provide a new surgical view into the previously unseen intravascular anatomy.


The Idea

Illuminate risks by bringing physicians inside hidden parts of artery vessels where imaging access is currently unavailable. The laser-based Scanning-Fiber Endoscope is a micro small imaging catheter that includes a camera equipped with an extreme depth of focus, low optical power, and a near-IR fluorescence laser light—all unavailable in traditional cameras.